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Baby Names – How to choose the ultimate name

01/05/2016 / no comments, on Blog Post

baby names

Baby Names: How to choose the ultimate name for your baby

Are you facing a hard time picking a name for your baby? You are not alone! Many parents-to-be are also facing the same dilemma as you and are overwhelmed by the vast choice of baby names out there. However, a long list of possible names can be broken down quite easily by considering a few basic aspects.

Considerations to make when choosing baby names

Choosing the perfect name for your baby can prove a challenge. Most parents want to find the ideal name that will sound cute, cool or elegant. Although you may have the baby’s best interests in mind you should ask yourself whether you’re doing your child any favours in the future… In order to get that perfect name you are looking for, here are some considerations worth making:

Shout out loud

You may already know that children can have an amazingly accurate selective hearing at times they are having fun. They may hear the rustle of a bag of sweets from a mile away with 20 other children screaming, singing and shouting away but if you ask them to come to you to get their nappy changed their ears don’t seem to work. This miracle does not only apply in your own four walls however, but also at the playground, in a shop, at someone else house… It is, therefore, wise to think about whether you’d be comfortable calling your child multiple times in a public place by his name.


Most nicknames are derived from the actual name. In addition, the name you have chosen for your child might look appealing but not sound good when pronounced. Ensure you find names that will not lead to nicknames that bring ridicule to your child.


Some names might sound nice but the initials sound funny or even rude. Try to lay out the initials of the baby names you have settled for to avoid controversial and non-appealing initials.

Corrections all the time

Choosing distinctive baby names comes with benefits and downsides. Some names might prove quite challenging for some people to utter thus they require constant correction to pronounce them well. This may be a cause of mockery and unwanted nicknames. As much as you are looking for a unique name, it’s always good to keep in mind how it applies ensure the name is easy to say.

Over popular names

Some names are too common and may cause your child sorrow if they are confused with others. You might consider looking at websites that list the most common baby names by year to see if your choice ranks high.

Sibling name pairing

In case your baby has an elder sibling, it is important to find a suitable combination of names that you can easily call out together.


A name can either build or break the confidence of your child. While looking for a name for your baby, ensure you come up with a name in which they can take pride in. Now you know what to consider when naming a baby. Don’t you?

I hope our tips will help you in your process of choosing the perfect name for your precious baby.

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Your Trudi Twee Babies Team



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