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Top 10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

10/06/2016 / no comments, on Blog Post

Are you hoping to be pregnant? Want to know if you are pregnant, already? Wondering why are you suddenly feeling so different and whether you could be experiencing early pregnancy symptoms?

Getting pregnant can either be a wish coming true and the most wonderful news to a woman, or an unexpected – not necessarily less wonderful – surprise. Either way, from the moment you have the hope or the suspicion to be pregnant you are surely looking out for those early pregnancy symptoms.

That’s why we have put together a list for you with our Top 10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms. At this point it should be said however that many women do not experience any symptoms in those first days and even after their missed period – also, precursors of menstruation are sometimes hard to distinguish from early pregnancy signs.

That said, here are our

Top 10 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Soreness in nipples or breasts: This is one of the most commonly noticed early signs of pregnancy, which almost every pregnant woman goes through right from the first month. If you are unable to stand the soreness in your nipples or breasts, you might have to get a pregnancy test to confirm the news – be prepared to see the double red lines, if you are taking a home test!

Spotting noticed on your panty: Spotting and light bleeding can occur from the day of implantation through to the time your period is due. If you are experiencing this there are chances that your body is giving you a sign of the little bun baking in the oven of your womb. If you are expecting to get pregnant soon, this may be a sign of pregnancy!

Unusually heavy breasts: Remember the feeling when your breasts are unusually heavy during your period? You may think that your period is near but it is also one of the top pregnancy symptoms. If your breasts suddenly become tender, sore and heavy you might like to take a pregnancy test.

Missed period: This is something that you probably know already; if you usually have a regular cycle (+/- 3 days is still considered regular), have had intercourse around ovulation (a fertility monitor i.e. this one by Clearblue can help you pinpoint the exact day) and are in good health, missing a period is likely to be a sure indication that you are pregnant.

Exhaustion and fatigue: Creating a brand new human being from scratch is hard work, very hard work… If you are usually an energetic person and, suddenly you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and are ready for a nap again after breakfast, you may be ready to test. Tests are most accurate from the day of your missed period, however, very sensitive pregnancy test like ABBLO’s early pregnancy test can detect the hCG as early as 8 days after ovulation.

Unusual pinching inside the stomach: First, it is highly unlikely that you are feeling the ‘baby’ kicking and pinching you in the early days of pregnancy, however, many pregnant women describe a similar sensation in their abdomen as early as early as implantation when the embryo buries itself into the wall of the uterus (approx. 6-12 days after ovulation).

Period-like cramps: Period cramps can be ugly at times, but not when they are early signs of pregnancy. Many pregnant women report having had cramps around the time their period was due, expecting it to start any moment. If this is you and your period does not show you may get your hopes up!

Excessive bloating, with or without eating food: Bloating may seem funny to your other half, but for a lady it can be rather inconvenient and embarrassing. The muscles in your body, including the digestive tract, relax due to the rise in hormones during pregnancy – slowed down digestion can then cause gas and flatulence. It may ease your pain to know that this is one of the top symptoms in early pregnancy.

Emotional roller coaster: As the pregnancy hormones are kicking in your body is not only reacting with physical symptoms but can also create a variety of emotional ones. Intense and unpredictable feelings such as being overly happy, feeling down, irritability and even anxiety are very common in early pregnancy.

Frequent urination: In pregnancy the body processes additional fluids caused by the increased amount of blood in the body. Having to run to the bathroom frequently is a very common and well-known symptom of pregnancy and can occur very early on.

Have you experienced any other symptoms during early pregnancy? Please share!

Lots of babydust to all of you lovely women,

Your Trudi Twee Team

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